Client Success:
Kautex-Textron Global IT

The Target: do more, with less.

"Digitalization is increasing the speed. Providing the birds-eye view of a large-scale portfolio down to operational details of every single initiative:
This is where Instant Edge is giving us a clear advantage!"

Dirk Hauke, Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Harvest the full Value of your Initiatives: Sooner

Improve the Timeliness
of Product and Project Delivery by
increased Focus and better Execution, regardless of the Size
of the Endeavor or Methodology applied,
lifting your Reputation
with your Customers internally and externally, essentially:
Delivering on your Promises.

Benefits & Features

Benefits & Features

Progress & Value:


  • Stay on-top of

    what's due now, what's next and when

    it is coming up. And only that (affort 'selective ignorance').

  • Dashboards help you

    filtering through the clutter

    to maximize your return-on-invested-time

  • Easy-to-use feedback dialogues

    achieve an improvement of data quality & timeliness of progress reports,

    lifting user motivation and improving data quality

Budgets & Costs:

Under Control.

  • Enjoy

    real-time schedule & budget control,

    avoid cost and time overruns

  • Define

    contingencies of various types,

    consume them when the situation warrants it

  • At all times keep an overview of what was

    planned vs. what is currently spend, incl. fancy projections

    (based on Earned Value Management e.g.)

Product Management

Model the
Lifecycle of your Product or Service, Project, Program or Portfolio,
from Ideation
through every Step
of the Design, Build & Deploy Cycle,
incl. Operations,
until it is retired -
all in ONE Place, regardless of chosen Approach
(Waterfall, Agile, #noprojects)

Benefits & Features

Benefits & Features

Total Situation Awareness:


  • Go beyond classical project management

    by looking at the end-to-end value chain

  • Dashboards

    show you all you need to know, when you need it. In

    real time.

  • All of your

    portfolios are in one single place,


    instant alerting & monitoring

  • Protect your reputation

    by delivering on what you promised -


  • Collaboration with your network of partners,

    everyone having the same information.



  • Get

    all stakeholders involved,

    early, with minimal preparation, and

    keep them posted

    throughout your change initiative

  • Design any lifecycle,

    initiated within minutes, regardless of type - from the small(est) effort standard change to the most-complex transformation program

  • Focus employees on results & productive work, with

    zero admin - improving motivation

    on all fronts

Project Planning:


  • Model

    any portfolio, program, project, or change initiative

    - regardless if it's a manufacturing product launch, an IT systems upgrade, or the construction of your private house

  • Do so either

    from scratch or based on pre-defined templates

    that allow for a

    startup-minimized effort,

    have a project up-and-running within 24 hrs.

  • And: It

    doesn't matter which lifecycle model you apply,

    if it is waterfall, agile, #noprojects - or a hybrid (our favorite)

Remarkably reduce the Risk Profile of your Undertakings

Enhance Maturity
of your Organization by Utilizing
Process Automation
and enforce
Execution Discipline
: protecting you from avoidable Failure &
dramatically increasing the Quality of what reaches your Customer.

Benefits & Features

Benefits & Features



  • See them before they hit you,

    by allowing you an active

    planning of counter measures,

    definition of contingencies, etc.

  • Minimize threats and maximize opportunities, all of which facilitate

    enterprise-wide risk control & failure prevention



  • Significantly

    improve maturity of what get's done

    through automatically applied

    governance standards,

    consistently from Day-1

  • Move

    from policing projects to actually coaching

    them. Focus on the content that matters most.

  • You can either utilize our

    pre-configured standards,

    adjust them, or simply craft

    your own ones

Amplify the Outcome of Product & Project Delivery

increased Benefits
pre-configured Business Content,
guided End-Users
and improve Data Quality,
raising Motivation
of participating Stakeholder &
boosting Outcomes.

Benefits & Features

Benefits & Features



  • Regardless if we talk about your

    most important asset: people, but also non-labor resources,

    all manageable on one single platform - assigned to work where needed

  • Stay on-top of

    resource availability,

    use booking

    priorities & optimize utilization

    or your previous capabilities



  • Manage your

    ticketing & incident management on the same platform

    where the configuration was requested on

  • Monitor Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

    to track your vendors' & partners' performance, and

    take counter-actions


  • Your business users will be super-pleased with a

    fast & efficiently presented user experience

Replacement of 'Legacy Patch Work', driving down TCO

Make your
existing Business Workflow, Project Portfolio & Project Scheduling, Service Desk 'Islands' obsolete
, and move them where they belong:
Onto ONE integrated Platform
, shaped by a ruthless
End-to-End Business Perspective

Benefits & Features

Benefits & Features

Systems Integration:


  • Enterprise applications must

    look at the value chain of a business process & provide corresponding capabilities.

    Costly interfaces between features that belong together are not state-of-art anymore.

  • There is

    no need to run your workflow, project scheduling, and service desk in individual applications

    anymore. We bring them together

    onto ONE holistic platform.

  • We enable you to

    rationalize your application portfolio & and provide ample savings potentials

    through discontinuation of 'legacy' applications and integration costs,

    driving down the overall application funding footprint (total cost of ownership, TCO)

Architecture, Security & Performance in Action

Cloud-based Solution
is based on
State-of-the-Art Open-Source Technologies
, applied in a
secure & scalable Environment
, giving you ease of Mind to
trust us
with your Users & Data

Benefits & Features

Benefits & Features



  • Your data remains that way: Through a clever client concept,

    no one other than yourself is able to access your data.


  • A

    build-in authorization concept

    allows you to define fine-grane

    permissions to objects

    - if you choose so.

  • Data is

    always encrypted during the transport

    from your end (browser) to us (the platform),

    utilizing reputable & strong SSL certificates



  • The platform is built on

    solid open-source standards with a proven track record

    in the enterprise field (HTML5, Java EE, mySQL, etc.)

  • We only

    host at reputable partners

    Amazon Web Services: AWS) and

    regularly test that our infrastructure is secure

    from intruders.

  • As part of our desire to provide innovation regularly, we apply

    a continuous delivery model that makes new functions & features available monthly

Free Trial



no charge. null.

(yes, we are serious)

  • 30 days Free Trial, no strings attached!
  • Full Functionality explorable
  • Secured Public Cloud Infrastructure
  • Zero Commitment to continue necessary, but:
  • Seamless Continuation into paid Subscriptions possible

Public Cloud



per month / user

(yearly commitment)

  • First 30 Days are free as well
  • Subscriptions start with at little as 1 Full User
  • Credit Card Details required
  • Secured Public Cloud Infrastructure
  • As many Limited Users as you need
  • Pay-as-you-Go or Yearly Subscription Plans available

Private Cloud



*starting at, per months / user

(yearly commitment)

  • First 30 Days are free as well
  • Subscriptions start with at little as 20 Full Users
  • Credit Card Details required
  • Segregated Private Cloud Infrastructure
  • Client-specific Services & Support Model Framework
  • Dedicated Client Success Manager